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* Riding performance improved
Hi, my name is Millie, I am 10 years of age. Elaine has only given me seven lessons on her pony, Smot, and one on my pony. My mum and I have noticed such a huge difference to how I ride now, to how I used to ride. Elaine has improved on my riding but also has taught me lots of new aids that I never knew before. I am a terrible one for my wrong diagonals! But Elaine has given me lots of tips to improve and now it looks so much more balanced when I trot. Also Elaine tells me tips how to improve on my riding and improve the pony - and it's not just for Smot - I then go and work on it with my own pony and it improves how we look too. Elaine has helped me ever so much I couldn't thank her enough.

Millie Arnup, Monmouth, June 2014

* Behaviour change in competition horse

Elaine came to do some EFT work with a mare that I had been working with that was showing some behavioural problems. Elaine was amazing how she tuned into the mare and immediately the mare was calmer. Elaine was relaxed, professional and positive in her approach to the work that she carried out. I was delighted with her positive outlook and also the full written report I received after the session. Elaine also worked with me to help me become more aware of my own mental approach to the mare. The mare responded extremely well to the session and was noticeably calmer in her work and has since gone on to compete successfully.
Joanna Heaton of Balanced Horsemanship, Fife, 2011.